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Enjoy a fast and hassle-free service with low-interest rates and full paperwork settlement when you get a COE renewal loan from us!

Lowest Interest Rates

We will source for the best interest rates from MAS regulated banks & finance institutions.

Fast Approval

Once all your documents are submitted, approval will be received within 3 working days.

Maximum Loan

You may take up to 10 years tenure for COE renewal.

Customer Service

Our friendly customer service will promptly guide you through the entire procedure.

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Compulsory Documents

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Simply fill up your contact information into the above fields and our financing specialists will be contact with you to request for the necessary documents for loan approval. Once approved, we will assist to facilitate the entire procedure and handle the paperwork accordingly.
    Loan processing fee is between $300 – 400.
    We will need the required documents stated in order to start processing your loan application.

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