Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Review (Updated 2020)

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Their latest release, the CLA Shooting Brake delivers a compact and small vehicle with a sleek design and the classic Mercedes-Benz feel.


Mercedes-Benz kicked off the new year with a thunderous start by unveiling the 2020 CLA Shooting Brake. Die-hard Mercedes-Benz fans will be familiar with the CLA coupe series, which debuted back in 2013.

Their latest release, the CLA Shooting Brake delivers a compact and small vehicle with a sleek design and the classic Mercedes-Benz feel.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Exterior

The exterior of the 2020 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is one that is sleek and fashionable, with a sporty look. The new model sports a forward inclined radiator grille, topping off the long bonnet. Its wide track gives it a stable, solid heft which is balanced by the athletic nature of the curvature of the roof and edges.

Mercedes has decided to design the CLA Shooting Brake with frameless doors, giving it a stylish elegance, and the rear tail lights extend horizontally to allow for a wider boot opening. Wheels are 19-inches in diameter, giving it a more sporty look.

Overall, the sleek and aesthetic muscle lines are a good fit on the CLA Shooting Brake, and give it a distinct look.

Horizontally-extending rear tail lights

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Interior

The inside of the 2020 CLA Shooting Brake is designed with what Mercedes terms a “wrap-around design”, which is designed to give the appearance of coziness and comfort, while being fluid and flawless in aesthetic style. Transitions between steering wheel, instrument panel, buttons and door trim are elegant and blend right in, making you feel like the interior is somehow not disjointed at all.

The steering wheel of the car has a flat bottom, and is designed to be as ergonomic as possible. The widescreen cockpit, which is the CLA Shooting Brake’s interface, consists of two HD displays behind a glass panel, which display the instrument panel, media options and more. The interface looks sleek and futuristic, is intuitively touchscreen, and has voice control options.

Wrap around design
Sleek and futuristic interface

One interesting new feature is the climatised front seats, which cool down passengers with just a push of a button. In sunny Singapore, this feature is incredibly useful, especially during the hot midday afternoon hours.

The biggest upgrade has come in the form of the CLA Shooting Brake’s storage capacity, with the boot being able to fit 1370 litres worth of cargo. Golfers, fishing enthusiasts and people who just need all that trunk space in general will love the roominess of this cargo hold.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Performance

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake that is sold in Singapore has a 1.3L turbocharged engine, and a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox running automatic transmission. The engine runs on petrol (some models sold overseas have a diesel engine option), and the vehicle itself is a FWD (front wheel drive).

The CLA Shooting Brake can go from 0 – 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds, and has a fuel efficiency of 5.7L/100km. Its sleek design allows it to cut through the air. It has reduced drag and improved fuel efficiency as a result.

The 163hp, 250Nm vehicle delivers solidly on comfort, having Adaptive Damping, which reduces driving noise and makes the roads feel smooth.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Handling

The steering and handling is where the 2020 CLA Shooting Brake has a few issues. While it is great at simply cruising down an expressway and driving at normal speeds in city roads, steering feels a bit light and the gearbox can definitely be improved.

That being said, the CLA Shooting Brake has relatively little body lean while cornering, and can handle bendy roads just as well as straight ones. In a city like Singapore, with several expressways and dense traffic, it copes just fine.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Safety

The 2020 CLA Shooting Brake comes with a whole host of safety features, which have been designed to be reliable and secure.

Starting off the list is the Active Brake Assist technology, which will activate emergency brakes when it detects that the vehicle is in danger. The system issues a visual and audible warning to the driver when collision is imminent, then provides additional braking if the driver does not brake with enough force.

Mercedes also includes an optional Driving Assistance package, which involves sensors which assist in lane switching, steering and speed control. Part of this package is the interesting PRE-SAFE system that generates a sound in the time frame before a collision which triggers a reflex in the human driver’s body, protecting their ears from hearing damage.

Finally, the LED headlamps have been designed to maximise visibility whilst not blinding other road users, and have the ability to adapt to different weather conditions such as fog or rain too.

Designed to maximise visibility

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Price

The 2020 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake retails at $187,888 with COE, and $190,888 for the AMG upgrade. For $3,000 more, you can get or the AMG upgrade which will come with AMG bodystyling with chrome front splitter and rear apron, dark carbon fibre look trim, AMG sports pedals in brushed stainless steel with rubber studs, light longitudinal grain aluminium trim as well as an advanced sound system with 10-speakers & 225W output.


The 2020 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is a wonderfully designed car from an aesthetic standpoint. It has the right balance of style and functionality and quite possibly the best interior of any car in the market right now. The superior comfort of the driving experience (minus a few issues) and massive storage capacity make it a very practical car which has both form and function.


What we like
- Comfort and space
- Being an estate car, it is nicer to drive and looks sexier than the A-Class
What we do not like
- Price tag is higher than the C200 for a mere additional 45L of storage space
Editor’s recommendation
The CLA 200 Shooting Brake is a niche of its own. It is generally a small sedan with an extended boot. Style and design can be pretty subjective. Go for it if that’s the look you are going for and don’t mind paying the extra premium.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Specifications


120kW at 5500rpm


250Nm at 1620rpm


1332cc Turbocharged


7 speed Automatic 7G-TRONIC


8.5 s

Top speed 


Fuel consumption


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