Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Review (Updated 2020)

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Mitsubishi crosses over into uncharted territory with the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross that looks like a coupe and drives like an SUV.


Car makers are driving a new wave of models that offer ample functional space, pleasant rides and a hinge of sportiness. In that respect, Mitsubishi crosses over into uncharted territory with the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross that looks like a coupe and drives like an SUV. It is perhaps a fitting consolation for the brand that has withdrawn from the World Rally Championship; a move that has led to the demise of the iconic Lancer Evolution.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exterior

As with most of Mitsubishi’s present-day SUVs, the Eclipse Cross features the “Dynamic Shield” front design concept. The rear on the other hand, is slightly different from what you’d expect from the brand.
A slightly different rear
High-mounted rear lamps split the rear window into two and when illuminated with the brake lights, they form a single bar of light that travels along the rear design. While this styling may divide opinions, it does facilitate a practical boot opening that many would appreciate.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Interior

Inside the car is a factory-fitted infotainment system and 7” colour display. The Smartphone Link Display Audio on the display is handy for a driver to access information and easily operated through a touchpad controller.

A Heads Up display also makes it convenient for them to view vehicle speed and additional information. In terms of connectivity, the system is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible with two USB ports under the air-conditioning controls.

Handy and accessible controls
The highlight however, are the rear seats. Thanks to a 9-step reclining and 200mm sliding adjustment, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is the only SUV in its class to offer such flexible legroom for its passengers. The simple seat design may look unassuming, but it is actually one of the most comfortable as well.
Unassuming yet impressive seats
Boot space at 341 litres is expandable to 448 litres, and the wide layout facilitates easy loading and unloading.
Wide layout boot

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Performance

With a 1.5 litre turbocharged MIVEC engine producing 161hp with a maximum torque of 250Nm from 1,800 to 4,500 rpm, the Eclipse Cross achieves 100km/h in 9.3 seconds.

The Eclipse Cross is also equipped with the Active Yaw Control which gives the car exceptional stability and control by providing optimal drive and brake torque to the left and right front wheels.

Exceptional stability and control

The CVT transmission produces a familiar whine when overexerted and you might feel a tinge of body roll when navigating corners. Beyond that, however, the Mitsubishi Eclipse fairs relatively well in terms of its ride quality and handling. For a larger vehicle, it is impressively quiet and soaks up most bumps without trouble. It takes little to no effort for accurate and controlled timing. There is little doubt that you will enjoy comfortable rides with this choice, especially in a city like Singapore.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Safety

While Mitsubishi may be undergoing changes, its emphasis on safety remains undaunted. The Eclipse Cross comes with Mitsubishi’s Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution Body, or RISE for short, that has won ASEAN NCAP’s five-star rating. It enhances passenger protection through efficient energy absorption and high cabin integrity in the event of a collision.

Advanced safety technologies such as the Automatic High Beam and Hill Start Assist are all present, while the car also has a neat trick tucked away. A reverse camera, easily activated by a button on the steering wheel, makes parking and navigating corners easier for drivers.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Singapore Price

The following price breakdown is accurate as of 26 March 2020:




1.5T style



1.5T style sunroof




When it comes to SUVs and Crossovers, today’s consumers are spoilt for choice. Competition may even get stiffer as new players enter the market. One thing’s for sure though; the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will not be eclipsed by the competition due to its aesthetics, practicality, safety features and above all, an attractive selling price.


What we like
- Good interior size
- Powerful acceleration and responsive pick-up
- Unique and award-winning design
What we do not like
- Rear screenwind is rather narrow
- Slight body roll when cornering
Editor’s recommendation
The Eclipse Cross is designed as a driver's car. Though it does not have any fancy features, the essential requirements are built for drivers' needs, such as comfort and safety.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Specifications


1,499cc, inline 4, turbocharged


163hp at 5500rpm


250Nm at 1800-4500rpm



Top Speed



9.3 seconds

Fuel efficiency



B Neutral


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