Outlander Club Singapore

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Recognising the lack of an official car meet for the Mitsubishi Outlander series, a group of aficionados took it upon themselves to form the Outlander Club Singapore.

Anyone who has ever been in a fan club can vouch for the sense of belonging and elevated levels of excitement when mingling with like-minded individuals. After all, it is not everyday that you meet people with the exact same interests. Recognising the lack of an official car meet for the Mitsubishi Outlander series, a group of aficionados took it upon themselves to form the Outlander Club Singapore. Despite the organisation being relatively new, it comes off the back of a highly successful get-together and looks set to grow in time to come.

When and how was the group formed?

It all started off as casual meet-ups between Outlander drivers to get to know one another and share their experiences. As time went by, the need for a proper structure became more apparent and the club was set up in 2018 to formalize the group and instill a sense of identity. Being one of the few car clubs in Singapore to seek sponsorship for its events, the Outlander Club Singapore added ‘Official’ to its name to strengthen its identity.

Instilling a sense of identity
Sharing experiences

How often do you meet-up and what are the activities involved?

Mostly large-scale gatherings have been organised since the club’s inauguration in 2018. In addition, small gatherings are arranged from time to time to foster a closer bond within the club members. Apart from vendors pitching their products and lucky draws for members, the group would discuss modifications to their cars (also referred to as poison) and aftermarket parts reviews. Some have even earned the monikers of “Poison King” and “Poison Prince” due to the numerous modifications undertaken. An inside joke goes along the lines of “the moment the Poison King touches your ride, you will get infected” which carries a certain degree of truth in it!

Installing ‘poison’
Discussing modifications

What are the most popular modifications?

Without doubt, the Negative Crankcase Regulator is one of our favourites! It provides our ride with fuel to piston movement efficiency and eliminates CVT lag, increasing pick-up speed in the process similar to that found in high-end race cars. Other popular modifications among the members are the Pro Ignition Timer (PIT) and Variable Valve Timer (VVT).

How was the Mega-Meet?

The event surpassed our expectations! It was estimated that about 50 drivers would turn up so imagine our surprise when close to 80 came down for the event. As if our day couldn’t get any better, about 30 of them even came earlier to help with the setting up. Special thanks to our friends at Cycle&Carriage as well who very generously supported us with 80 goodie bags.

The club mega meet
An event that exceeded expectations
Goodie bags from Cycle&Carriage

Any future plans for this club?

We are no race-car drivers and going to the racetrack is the last thing we have in mind. Rather, our cars are a testament to our attitude towards everyday life as we overcome all challenges. We hope to sustain this platform and pass down the positive culture that we have fostered to the next generation of Outlander drivers. Who knows, maybe one day we would be officially recognised by Mitsubishi Motor Singapore and open up a path to future collaborations!

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