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The Best Way To Sell Your Car In Singapore

Buying and selling your car in Singapore can be a tedious process, which is why helps to sell your car on consignment while fetching the highest prices. Avoid dealers with low trade-in prices as we bring you maximum exposure and zero middleman’s fees, all in one place. 

Tap on our extensive connection as we bring you the most competitive prices. Here’s how we sell your car on consignment in just 5 simple steps:


Step 1

Free Valuation Report Based On Market Analysis And The Specific Type Of Vehicles You’re Selling


Step 2

Free Paid Advertising on Various Platforms


Step 3

Professionally Assisted Viewings For Interested Buyers At Your Convenience


Step 4

Negotiations With Buyer to Get The Best Price


Step 5

Paperwork Professionally Managed For A Fuss-Free Experience

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Andrew Chia
Andrew Chia
This is 9th car and i have deal with many dealers AND Lukas Teo is 1 of the best dealer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ i have met-Flexible ,... trustworthy...smooth transaction 👍👍👍read more
Darryl Khoo
Darryl Khoo
Easy effortless transaction with Lukas
JosiahandSusan Teh
JosiahandSusan Teh
Lukas was very patient & attended to my requests & needs instantly. Very good service! Strongly recommend him !
Rahmat Agustinus
Rahmat Agustinus
Efficient and great service from Agnes and her team. Thank you so much guys👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Feng Sheng
Feng Sheng
Turbocharge.Sg provided me a smooth and excellent selling process. Not only I got a price I wanted, but I got two..... managed to sold two cars at my desired price within a 3 weeks timeframe.. thank you Lukas and Agnesread more
Wee Si Soh
Wee Si Soh
Great service from Kenji and Lukas! No hidden cost and awesome patience to satisfy both buyer and seller! They even... deliver the car themselves!read more
Kay Huat Goh
Kay Huat Goh
Efficient and fast. I would recommend them as they provide good service.

Why Sell Your Car On Consignment With


We do not charge you any fees or charges when you sell your car on consignment with us in Singapore. Upon successful transaction, we will also assist you with the paperwork so you can enjoy a seamless selling experience with us.


Considerably the best way to sell your car in Singapore, you will get to save hundreds of dollars as our paid advertisements across Singapore’s popular automotive platforms such as sgcarmart & Carousell Premium offers the best exposure for your car.


We provide you with live data transactions so you can know the HIGHEST PRICE in the current market. That way, you know you’re getting the best offer when you sell your car on consignment.

Find out more on car consignment related matters here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We usually request for customers to provide us with information on carplate, last 4 characters of NRIC and mileage so we can generate the vehicle logcard information from LTA. This will allow us to better advise our customers on the current market value and pricing mechanism.

While it is possible to market your car yourself, you have to deal with many phone calls from other consignment agents as well as well as low ballers whom waste your time.

In addition, if your car buyer has a trade in car, you will not be able to handle it on your own. It is further complicated if there are outstanding loan to be settle prior to transfer of ownership. There are other various procedure which car dealers and consignment agents are well equipped to handle.

At, we have a dedicated team to assist you with the following:

– Inspecting and taking photos of your car
– Coordinate and arrange all car viewings to manage your time more efficiently.
– Advertising your car on various popular car platforms to achieve the best results.
– Filter away low ballers and insincere buyers to avoid time wasting.
– Ensure paperwork transactions goes through smoothly.
– Manage your outstanding loan with the bank as well as buyer’s trade-in vehicles

Most listings that you see on is not accurate representation of the final transacted price as they are often subjected to further negotiations between buyers and sellers/dealers.

At, our pricing mechanism will take into consideration the current demand for your vehicle make & model, condition of car, COE trending, market depreciation value, past transacted prices, modifications done and how fast you want to sell your car.

At, we will help you to market and advertise your vehicle in the following popular platforms for free such as, Carousell Premium, Facebook ads, etc. While these are the mainstream portals we used, we are also constantly on the lookout for additional marketing channels as well as using our wide range of network to sell your car in the fastest possible time.

While it is not compulsory to follow our price mechanism guide, we do encourage and encourage you to use it as a benchmark in order to achieve the best result.

On the average, it will take about 2-6 weeks to sell most cars. If you have an exotic or niche car, it may take longer.
This is why advise our customers on the current pricing mechanism based on market sentiment among other factors that will determine how fast your car can be sold. It is important that we do not over-price the cars which in turn helps other cars to sell instead of your car.

Prior to any viewings, we will inform all potential buyers of your car’s existing condition and qualify only sincere buyers with the right budget tonview your car to avoid wasting your time and filtering out lowballers.

Prior to transferring of ownership, it is a mandatory requirement from Land Transport Authority (LTA) to fully settle your outstanding car loan before a seller is allowed to transfer the ownership to your buyer. Upon full settlement, it will usually take another 3 to 5 working days for your bank/financial institution to update LTA’s system.

Our customers are advised to do the full settlement after a buyer has obtained a loan approval. At, we will also be able to assist with the full settlement for a small fee should you require our settlement services.

Every transaction is unique, and depending on the complexity of the financial needs of buyer buyer and sellers’ situation i.e. full settlement, will provide full assistance and ensure a smooth transaction between all parties.

There are 3 key timeframe in terms of receiving of your payment for your car sale:

1. Deposit – You can will collect between $500 to $2000 deposit once the sales and purchase agreement is signed between the buyer and you.

2. Downpayment – Depending on the loan amount, you can get to receive the balance of the car after deducting the initial deposit paid by the buyer. This typically works out to around 30% to 50% of the transacted price which is received on the day of vehicle handover.

3. Buyer’s Loan – For buyers that take a loan, you will receive this amount about 3 to 7 working days after successful transfer of car ownership. Most buyers may take a loan between 50 to 70% of the car transacted price.